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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
2spooky4u/[ViZe] Leviathan ban appeal
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2spooky4u/[ViZe] Leviathan ban appeal

Ingame Name: 2SPOOKY4U
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47973755
Who banned you?: i have no idea
Which server?(TTT, DarkRP): DarkRP
What is the reason for your ban?: i have no idea i was offline when i was banned
Ban length: still no idea why or how long i was banned
Why should we unban you?: because ive become a frequent player on the server and I wanted to hop back on and play some darkrp with my friend but it said i was banned and right now im kinda devistated that im banned because that server is my favorite server and i cant live without it. I love gmod and I only like very few servers and one of the very few is that darkrp server. I just would like to be unbanned so i can continue playing on the server and whatever i did im sorry for what i did its just i dont remember doing anything wrong.
Evidence: i still dont know why i was banned so i dont have any evidence... just please unban im dying right now because im not playing on the server and i miss i so so much and its only been a couple of hours.

I will unban you if you havent already been unbanned.
[Image: jHvYeHj.png]

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